Evansville and the Civil War
Compiled by Ruth Ann Montgomery

Belle Boyd, the Rebel Spy, visits Evansville

Biographies of Civil War Veterans from Evansville
All biographies updated 6/25/2012

A-B (updated 6/29/2011)
I-M (updated 3/30/2011)
S-Z (updated 5/13/2013)

Theodore Sutphen's tombstone first Evansville resident killed in battle

Evansville Grand Army of the Republic, T. L. Sutphen post #41 News 1882-1940s
1882 - 1890
1906 -

Grand Army of the Republic Personal Reflections (updated June 29, 2011)

Dr. John M Evans' Personal Correspondence during the Civil War (updated June 26, 2012)

News from the Front
War news 1861  (updated 4/14/2011)

Roster of the Wisconsin Civil War Regiments and Volunteers

Union Township residents who served and a list of their units

Women Aid Civil War Soldiers 1861-1865

Women's Relief Corps  (updated 7/15/2011)

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