Rock County, Wisconsin
Union Township Schools and Teachers

Brown School:  Ruby Luchsinger, 1929-30;  Mrs. Archie Templeton, 1934-
35 Mrs. Harry T. Carey, 1937-38; Inis Miller, 1938-39; Inis Miller, 1938-40,
Virginia Fenn Mauerman, 1946-49; Francis Fenn, 1950-51, Frances Lange,
1952-53, Mildred Franklin, 1954-55; Mrs. Clara Modenhauer, 1957-58;

Memories of Virginia Fenn Mauerman, 1946-49:  You went down to Janesville
and got all of the books that were new.  It was such a thrill. We used to go
down to C & M books and get the workbooks that you needed and you ordered
all these books.  You went into the room where they had all of these.  You
usually worked a week without.  Glen Trickel Mr. Janes and Mrs. Richards
board were on the board when Virginia was there. – Memories of Virginia Fenn

Supported by the Goodwill Community Club.

Butts Corners, Jessie Borbeau, summer 1883; Beth Miller, 1932-33, Ruth
Allen 1935-38 (Ruth Allen attended Teachers Norman Training in Janesville in
September 1932)  Mrs. Merlin Reese, 1944-45, Mrs. Helen Ginner, 1948-49;
Jeanne Werle, 1950-51; Mrs. Delores Parsons, 1952-55, Janice Abey, 1957-58
Supported by the Butts Corners Community Club with an annual flower and
seed sale in the spring of each year.

Emery school: Jennie Lowery, summer 1883

Franklin School:  Ruth Franklin 1934-1935. Gladys Peterson, 1935-39 ;
Gladys Peterson, 1935-39; Mrs. Pliny Wall, 1944-45; Mrs. Clara Reese, 1950-
    Students in 1952-53:  Herb, Ray, Roy and Billy Heritage, Kent and Terry
George, Tom and James, Patricia, Shirley and Lorraine Hatlen, David, Mildred
Richard, Gordon and Bobby Franklin, John Witzel, Severson, and Sharon Dahle.

Pleasant Prairie:  Mary Montgomery, 1926-27, June Ramsey, 1931-1933,
Ruth Maas 1935-36; Orpah McLaughlin, 1936-38; Francis Francis 1938-39;
Helen Gransee 39-40; Mrs. Doris Roberts, 1957-58
Supported by the Pleasant Prairie Community Club

Tupper School:  Alice Milbrandt, 1917-Hazel Murphy 1925-51? Robert
Hedman, 1952-53; Berdette Weissphennig, 1954-58

Frank Bullard celebrated his 53rd consecutive year as a member of the Tupper
School board in 1941.  He had served as a director for three years, then was
named treasurer, a job he held for the remainder of his service to the school.  

    Tullar School:  Mrs. Grant Haney, 1910- Mrs. Cordelia Tilley, 1938-40,
Tullar School: Ina Bly 1934-35; Marian Long 1935-36; Madeline Bryan 1937-38;
Mrs. Cordelia Tilley, 1938-39; Frances Francis, 1946- , Elizabeth Baker – 194?
– 1951,Mrs. Helen Ginner 1952-55; Jean O’Brien, 1957-58
Birdell Douglas served as clerk of the Tullar school board and was re-elected
several times.  Ben Disch served as a member of the Board in the 1940s.
    The Neighborly Club supported the Tullar School
    John and Dennis Bullard of the Tupper school played in the rural band at the
teacher’s convention in Madison in February 1956.

Union School: 1886-87, Anna L. Cutts; Nellie Drown, summer 1883; Kittie
Drown, 1885-1886; Mrs. Chester DeRemer, 1935-36.  Marion Long Holmes
1937-42.  Geneva Bacon, 1944-45; Mrs. Arthur Templeton, 1949-58;
Morrison Gilbertson, Mrs. William Spanton and Mrs. Laurence Rosa served on
the Union School Board in the 1940s.  

Holt School – no report

School District 10
students went to the Evansville public schools in the
1940s.  District 10 had a separate school board and held annual meetings.