In Review
First Week of October 1874-2004

140 Years Ago (1874):  Evansville Graded school, Report for the month ending October 2d, 1874:  Number
enrolled, 228; Number of cases of tardiness, 8; above I present you with a statistical report of your school.  
The number enrolled is considerably larger than that for any corresponding month since the organization of
the school.  The few cases of tardiness thereby, prove the wisdom and utility of purchasing a suitable bell for
the tower.  

130 Years Ago (1884):  Married at the home of the bride’s parents, September 25th 1884, by Rev. E.
Robinson, Mr. F. T. Hunt, of Will Co., Ill., and Miss Ida M. Doolittle, of Brooklyn.

120 Years Ago (1894):  Report of Second Intermediate Department of Evansville public school for the month
ending September 28, 1894.  Names of those present everyday:  Elsie Benedict, Bessie Cole, Martin
Dahoney, Mamie Dahoney, Noble Doolittle, Winnie Johnson, Maud Gibbs, Ida Homer, May Loomis, John
Lemmel, George Neal, Cora Taggart, Flora Taggart, Fannie Thomson, Alice Van Wormer, John Van Patten,
Sybil Bigelow, Hazel Bly, Nellie Bending, Johnnie Blake, Edna Benney, Ruth Davis, Angie Dubey, Grace
Fessenden, Willie Goodnough, Laura Hoyt, Elsie Moore, Clayton Roby, Bessie Stevens, Ida Belle Shurrum,
Anna Van Wormer, George Wolfe.

110 Years Ago (1904):  A quiet, but pretty wedding took place at the home of Mrs. Elenora Morrison of the
town of Center on Thursday evening at eight o’clock Sept. 28, 1904, when her daughter Lottie Blanche was
united in marriage to Pliny B. Tolles of the town of Porter by the Rev. James Churm of Evansville.  After the
ceremony a bountiful repast was served, which all enjoyed to the fullest extent.  The bride is well and
favorably known while the groom is a prosperous young farmer in the town of Porter.

100 Years Ago (1914):  The new 1915 Studebaker is here; lower prices, higher quality, more car for less
money.  Electric starter, electric lights, special dimming headlights, full equipment of 13 Timkin Roller
Bearings, full floating rear axle, irreversible steering gear, crown fenders, safety tread tires on the rear, one-
man top, left-hand drive and center control.  Come and look it over.  Evansville City Garage, A. E. Durner,
Prop.  Maple Ave. Evansville, Wis., phone 106-2.

90 Years Ago (1924):   A petition signed by seventy business men and taxpayers of the city praying for all
night light service for a part of the city at least, was presented to the city council at their October meeting
held Tuesday evening.  From figures furnished by the State Railroad Commission it was found that to light
the whole city for the entire night would make a noticeable increase in the city budget and it was not thought
advisable to light a part of the city unless all parts received the same service.  The question was laid over
awaiting further information concerning the probable cost of the service prayed for.

80 Years Ago (1934):  That Evansville residents are paying more heed to fire prevention measures is shown
by the fact that the local fire department has not been summoned in the city during the past quarter, July 1 to
Oct. 1.  This is the first time in the history of the city that the department has received no summons in a three
months’ period, according to Fire Chief Fred Gillman.  Although there were no city calls during the three
months, local firemen were called to two country fires one on July 4th at the Ernest Miller farm and the other
on Aug. 6th at the Thomas Frusher farm.

70 Years Ago (1944):  Pfc. Joseph McCaslin, Evansville soldier who was wounded in Saipan June 21, has
been awarded the Purple Heart which he has sent to his wife, the former Darlene Walmer, and little son,
Dean Edward. Pfc. McCaslin was confined to a hospital in Hawaii for three months following his injuries.  Mrs.
McCaslin and the baby are making their home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Walmer, Evansville route

60 Years Ago (1954):  The system of student drivers turning in their car keys to school authorities during the
day to cut down on lunch-hour “joy-riding” has been postponed one month pending the results of the work of
a student committee organized to “police” student drivers.  The committee, composed of Jim Morger, Dick
Hallmark, Jay Blum and Katherine Doyle, will meet some time this week to begin work on a student-controlled
policing system for student drivers.
50 Years Ago (1964):  Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Brigham have purchased the home on the corner of South Third
and West Church Streets from Mr. and Mrs. Russell Weary.  Mr. and Mrs. Weary have bought the duplex
home at 515 W. Main Street from Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Underwood.  Mrs. Genevieve Halbman who is living in the
West Main Street house, will move into the apartment at 17 ½ S. First Street now occupied by Mr. and Mrs.
Brigham.  The South First Street apartment is owned by Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Tait.  Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Thornton
and son moved over the weekend to 109 S. Madison Street.

40 Years Ago (1974):  The Roscoe Haynes house at 239 West Liberty Street has recently been sold to Mrs.
Harold Klusmeyer.  Harold Klusmeyer was taken from the Continental Manor Nursing Home where he has
been residing the past several weeks to the Stoughton Hospital last week Wednesday.  He is receiving
treatment for a fractured hip.  The Klusmeyer farm has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Janes and son.

30 Years Ago (1984):  A special Evansville City Council meeting was held Tuesday, Sept. 18.  The only item
on the agenda was the proposed request by the fire department to purchase a new 75 foot aerial ladder fire
truck from Pierce Manufacturing of Appleton.  Fire Chief Charles Nordeng spoke for the need and purchase
of the $215,000 fire truck.  Others in attendance from the fire department were Ass’t Fire Chief Edd
McCaffrey, truck Steward Phil Montgomery, and Dennis Cooper.  Jim Martin moved to buy the truck and the
motion was seconded by Ken Kuelz.  The vote was tied 3-3.  Those in favor of the purchase were Martin, Ken
Kuelz and Ron Pierce.  Opposing were Harlin Miller, Richard Krake and Woodrow Wickersham.  

20 Years Ago (1994):  At the special meeting last week of the city council and townships, it was announced
that the Town of Center has chosen to remove itself from the Evansville/Township fire protection agreement.  
There will be no agreement as of Sept. 30 between the city of Evansville and the townships.  A motion was
approved to share equally with the townships the lost revenue of Center Township (13.79%) during the
interim period.  Also approved was an interim agreement based on the allocations not to exceed one year.

10 years ago (2004):  Local bank employees all wore jeans to work on Friday Oct. 1st!  The bankers joined
together and raised $220 in a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Each employee
donated $5 in exchange for wearing jeans on Friday.  “The idea started at Union Bank & Trust Company and
went so well, they invited the Bank of Evansville and M&I employees to join in the fun.  The other institutions
were excited to participate with us in this great cause and we all gathered together for the photo shoot on
Friday morning,” stated Steve Eager.  

In Review
Second Week of October 1874-2004

140 Years Ago (1874):  Sunday night was the first really cold night we have had.  It was really the first frosty
night also.  The frost has kept off the longest this season of any we have known for years.  Everything has
been gathered and out of harm’s way for many weeks.  Where tobacco was planted the second time it has
gained a fair growth.  It has been a remarkably favored season in respect to early frosts.

130 Years Ago (1884):  Mr. Wendell Power, aged 78 years, died at the residence of his son, W. R. Power,
Sunday, October 5, 1884.  Mr. Powers has lived in this place and vicinity for 38 years; his complaint was
Bright’s disease of the kidneys.

120 Years Ago (1894):  Mr. Lewis Spencer died at his home in this city on Friday after a short illness, at 1:45
p.m., aged 74 years.  Deceased has been a resident of this city for about fifty years, coming here from
Vermont when a young man.  He leaves a wife and four children, having buried two children.  His death
leaves but two men who were among the first citizens of Evansville who still reside here.  These men are his
brother George Spencer and Dr. J. M. Evans.  Mr. Spencer has been successful businessman, and one who
has liked to enjoy in his last days the pleasures that come only those who have been true to their trusts.  
Funeral services will take place at the house, Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

110 Years Ago (1904):  Messrs. Jas. S. and Chas. W. Powles left Wednesday afternoon for Kenosha to
attend the funeral of their brother, Henry, which took place on Thursday.  The deceased was a member of
the Iron Brigade and having been shot five times had been a great sufferer since the early sixties.

100 Years Ago (1914):  The Union Young Peoples Literary club will meet at the home of Clarence Franklin
on Friday evening at 8 o’clock.  Come with a name to suggest for the new organization.  An interesting
program has been arranged.  All who are interested in general culture and the community are welcome.  No

90 Years Ago (1924):  It is estimated that when the last shipment arrives from the West over twenty thousand
sheep will be placed in the different feed lots of this locality.  The following farmers will feed sheep this year,
and perhaps this list is not complete:  Lloyd Hubbard, Leo Campbell, Locke Pierce, Wade Woodworth,
Clarence Franklin, Potter Porter, Martin Croake, Dana Phelps, Vincent Ludden, Will and Orrie Steele, William
Reese, George Morrison, Frank Gransee, Walter Biglow, Garden Canning Co., Lewis Griffith, Halver Hagen,
Foncie Collins, John Collins, Joe Porter, Jack Elmer Jr., Charles Thomas, Fred Rodd, Fellows Bros., Will
Miles and Will Wadsworth.

80 Years Ago (1934):  In accordance with an agreement made by the operators of the five milk routes in the
city, the price of bottled milk in Evansville was raised yesterday from five to eight cents per quart.  The new
established price will be charged by all local dairy firms including the Rainbow Dairy operated by Mrs. M. M.
Ware; Knapp and Mabie; Francis Doyle; the Bonnycroft Dairy operated by Stanley Perry, and the Evansville
Pure Milk company operated by Clarence Croft and sons.  The price of whipping cream is 65 cents per
quart.  Coffee cream is now being sold here at 45 cents per quart.  The increase in feed prices and the
additional cost of production made the advance in prices necessary.

70 Years Ago (1944):  Although no frost has yet touched the leaves to turn them to autum colors, trees in the
city have been attracting much attention by their bright hues.  A white oak tree on Mill street in front of the old
mill house now owned and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Chas. VanWart, is especially pretty at this time.  Few
leaves have fallen as yet and their colors blend from a bright green to deep red with splashes of yellow and
orange.  The tree is known to be one of the oldest in Evansville

60 Years Ago (1954):  The Evansville area will be represented by a large number of exhibitors moving into
the Dane county fair grounds Sunday for the opening of the 39th annual Wisconsin Junior Life Stock
exposition.  Those showing animals from this community include Larry Disch, Tom Templeton, Alexander
Hamilton, Orville Sowatzki, David Brunsell, Leonard Brunsell, Charles Farrell, Ken George, Emmett
Gilbertson, Phil Hamilton, Douglas Hull, Norman Hull, Barbara Robinson, Ruth Ann Robinson, Kathryn
Robinson, Kenneth Templeton, and Ronald Templeton.  
50 Years Ago (1964):  The Evansville School Board agreed to have an appraiser appointed to assess
Magnolia School, which Magnolia Township wants to purchase.  The township will also name an appraiser
and the two appointed appraisers will choose a third to evaluate the school.  Board members accepted the
$1,500 offer of Emmett Miller to purchase Forest Academy School.

40 Years Ago (1974):  Paul Dooley of Evansville, world traveler, is currently checking out ‘the rain in Spain’.  
Having visited many other countries, Paul decided to add another European trip to his adventures.  He will be
traveling about 21 days, having left here the middle of last week.

30 Years Ago (1984):  Marcia Trow was home this past week from Philadelphia where she works as an RN in
the Pediatric Dept. of Thomas Jefferson Hospital.  She visited her parents, Pastor and Mrs. Lyle Trow for the
event of her father’s first anniversary in coming to the Evansville Grace Independent Baptist Church.  The
church had a fellowship dinner and singspiration in the afternoon of Sept. 30th.   

20 Years Ago (1994):  It was October, 1954, when Carol Klusmeyer was crowned Queen of Homecoming and
Bob Rasmussen was named King.  Carol known today as Carol Feldt, is the grandmother of this year’s
queen, Jodie Allen.  Also, on the court is Jodie’s twin sister, Jennie Allen.  The theme that year of their dance
was “Mr. Touchdown.”

10 years ago (2004): Dr. David Rhoda of Evansville’s Veterinary Service was recently awarded “Practitioner
Of The Year” at a reception in Fort Worth, Texas for The American Association of Bovine Practitioners”.  Dr.
Rhoda, one of only five veterinarians in the State of Wisconsin to have received the award stated, “I am
humbled by this and very honored.”  While at the event Dr. Rhoda hosted a workshop on “Changed
Leadership…Understanding What It Takes To Develop Change.”

In Review
Third Week of October 1874-2004

140 Years Ago (1874):  Married at the residence of Mr. Nelson Winston by Rev. J. M. Craig; October 15th
1874, Mr. Seymour Smith of Brooklyn, Wis., and Mrs. Angeline Holcomb of Evansville.  Married at the
Methodist Parson, in Evansville, by Rev. J. M. Craig, October 15th, 1874, Mr. John Alfred Jones and Miss Ida

130 Years Ago (1884):  Wm. Stevens, R. W. Johnson and A. C. Thorpe have formed a co-partnership under
the style of Stevens Johnson & Co., for the purpose of buying hogs, cattle, sheep, calves and wool.  Office at
the depot.

120 Years Ago (1894):  An exciting runaway took place on Saturday last.  One of our citizens has a speedy
horse and somewhat excitable one, took into its head to have a trial at runaway.  After smashing a wheel and
cross bar and throwing out the driver and two small children, it sped on about 5 miles south and was
captured at Magnolia.  The entire outfit escaped without serious injury save to the buggy.  It is a marvel of
marvels that no bones were broken, heads crushed, bodies mangled, torn or bleeding limbs.  It is a wonder
that no one was killed.

110 Years Ago (1904):  At last the new Economy store is finished and for the next ten days or so the clerks
will be busy in arranging the stock into shape for a winter opening of goods.  Extensive preparations are
being made for the event and when it does come off, it will eclipse anything heretofore seen in southern

100 Years Ago (1914):  The new S. E. Miller house on Main street is practically completed and is quite an
addition to the residence portion of the city.  It is of brick veneer, with ten rooms.  The first floor rooms are all
finished in quarter sawed white oak, with floors of the same material.  The second floor rooms  are also
finished in this wood and have maple floors.  The house is heated by hot water.  It is completed in every
detail.  The garage adjoins and is built of brick to match the house.  It has a roof of transite asbestos.  The
work has been done by Gavey and Sholts.  [Note:  Stanton and Minnie Miller lived at 223 West Main Street]

90 Years Ago (1924):  Fifty years ago last Wednesday, October 15, 1874, Mrs. Belle Lee and Mrs. Lucy
Hunter, witnessed the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Arford Jones, at the Methodist parsonage here, the Rev.
Craig performing the ceremony.  Wednesday of last week, at the passing of the half century mark of their
married life, this happy couple celebrated the event with a happy gathering of relatives and friends, who in
every way possible made it a day of joy and gladness.  Their home on Garfield Avenue was appropriately
decorated with flowers of a golden color and many presents given in honor of the occasion were also of

80 Years Ago (1934):  Chief of Police Fred Gillman returned Thursday evening from Wisconsin Rapids where
he attended the annual convention of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police association of which he is a member of
the executive committee.  While attending the annual session, Chief Gillman had the pleasure of meeting and
interviewing Melvin H. Purvis, special agent of the department of justice division of investigation, the man who
is responsible for the end of John Dillinger.  

70 Years Ago (1944):  When Rollie Devlin, F1/C, was standing on the beach one day after church someone
slapped him on the back and called him by name.  Turning around he was surprised to see Wayne Hatlevig,
TM3/C.  They only had a short time together there, but found they were on Sister Ships and plan a reunion

60 Years Ago (1954):  You just don’t acquire the skill and knowledge that it takes to keep a modern car
running like a watch overnight.  The skilled crew at Heffel Chevrolet combines 122 years of service to
motorists around Evansville and their carefully built up years of service today means better, more expert,
service work on your car.  The skilled crew includes Bob Andrew on carburetors and automatic transmission;
Lloyd Woodstock on bodywork; Jack Heffel, owner and manager; Jack Heffel, Jr., bookkeeping and sales;
Edgar Horne, chief mechanic and overhauls; Tom Conners, sales; Don Vreeland, parts; and Buzz Whitmore,
lubrication and general repair.  

50 Years Ago (1964):   During the Lions Club business meeting the club voted to erect a stand at the football
field in the city park for the band parents who sell pop corn at the Football games.  Joseph Zoeller, club
president, turned the project over to the civic improvement committee which is comprised of L. P. Eager, Sr.,
Charles Maas, Harold Tait and Kenneth Amann.  Dr. Karl Schoenenberger will donate the 2 x 4’s and Clark
Prudhon will donate the frame.  

40 Years Ago (1974):  Richard and Arlyn Jensen are managing the Roller Rink in Evansville.  They are living
in Evansville on Maple Street.  Richard is continuing to work at GMAD in Janesville.  Arlyn has been skating
since she was four years old and her mother was a professional skater.  The Jensens are stressing family
skating for good fun and exercise.

30 Years Ago (1984):  The Evansville 4-H Club held their annual Achievement Banquet on October 1 at the
Red Barn in Evansville.  Bonnie Bjugstad, outgoing president, welcomed the guests and gave the invocation.  
The Flag pledges were given by Bethany Krake and John Abey.  Becky Shoemaker presented highlights of
the year.  Linda Everson installed the new officers and presented the 4-H Awards.  4-H leaders were honored
for their years of service.  Those people who have been leaders for five to eleven years were Dr. Roland
Jeans, Shirley Templeton, Janet Wienke, Marcie Roswell, Rich Templeton, Dawn George and Marlene Nevel.  
Those who have been leaders for 15 to 31 years were Harold and Mary Abey, Marilyn and Art Shoemaker,
Doug and Mary Hull, Ann Spooner and Don Spooner and Dick Wienke.

20 Years Ago (1994):  At the regular council meeting on Tuesday night of last week, land sales to R/A
heating, Ron and Connie Arndt, and to Roger Berg were approved.  The recommendation to sell 2.5 acres to
the Arndts for $13,076.91 was approved with the amendment that the minimum assessed value of
construction would be $250,000 instead of the original $300,000.  The sale to Berg was for $12,500 for 6.2
acres in the Industrial Park, next to the Auto Auction site.  A minimum assessed value of construction is

10 years ago (2004):  An expanding U. S. economy is helping make 2004 a come-back year for local trucking
manufacturer Stoughton Trailers, LLC, which has logged an upsurge in jobs and orders to keep pace with
pressing demands on the trucking industry to deliver goods across the nation.  

In Review
Last Week of October 1874-2004

140 Years Ago (1874):  Married by E. Tolles, Esq., at his residence in Union, Sunday October 25th, 1874, at
12:30 p.m., Mr. John Allan and Miss Angeline Marsh, all of Rutland, Dane Co., Wisconsin.

130 Years Ago (1884):  Mrs. Frank Gibbs and daughter Ella, who have been in Iowa and Dakota some two
months on a regular family visit, returned Monday night, much to the joy of the Gibbs family.  Mrs. Gibbs says
they have had a splendid time, health good, weather pleasant, and a host of friends to welcome them.  Miss
Frantz, of Mason City returned with them to return a visit at the old home—Butts Corners.

120 Years Ago (1894):  The Women’s Literary club met at the home of Mrs. Lillian Pullen on Saturday
evening.  The names of Miss Daisy Spencer, Mrs. Wm. T. Boyd and Mrs. James Hoskins were admitted to the
waiting list.  The club voted to take steps to secure a University extension course from Prof. Freeman’s list.  
After the disposition of other minor business matters the program was taken up.  It consisted of three
numbers, a paper by Mrs. Savage, a discussion of the Chinese Japanese war, by Mrs. Richmond and a
magazine review by Miss Louise Wilder.  The next meeting will be held Nov. 3, with Mrs. Benny.

110 Years Ago (1904):  Evansville is honored by the political parties of this county, it seems.  First, Allen
Baker was nominated for assembly by the republicans; next R. M. Richmond for the senate, by the
democrats; and now W. W. Gillies for the assembly, by the prohibitionists.  If there are any more we have
failed to catch on.

100 Years Ago (1914):  Mrs. C. S. Ware has purchased of Mrs. E. Ray Lloyd of Janesville the well known
pacing stallion. “The Rex,” having a record of 2:17¼  is now at the Dr. Ware farm, where he will be used for
breeding purposes.

90 Years Ago (1924):  There will be a basket social held at Butts Corners school, tomorrow evening, October
31.  A nice program will be given by the children.  All are invited.  Miss Bernice Brigham is the teacher.

80 Years Ago (1934):  James E. Croake, republican candidate for sheriff of Rock county who was nominated
by a large majority at the primary election here last month, was in Evansville Tuesday visiting old friends and
expressing his appreciation for the support given him.  He was accompanied to Evansville by his campaign
manager, B. M. Engebretson, Beloit, a member of the Rock county board of supervisors.  Having served
three years as undersheriff under the late J. S. Fessenden’s administration, Croake is well qualified for the
office he is seeking.  Following Mr. Fessenden’s death, he served as acting sheriff during which time he
handled Rock county’s milk strike in a most creditable manner.

70 Years Ago (1944):  Tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o’clock the Evansville high school football team will play
its last 1944 contest and it will be the final game for the nine seniors in the group including Byron Holmes, Bill
Gabriel, Bill Giles, Bill Meredith, Robert Apfel, Merritt Tuttle, John Hatlen, Phil Collins and Rollie Allen.

60 Years Ago (1954):  Governor Walter Kohler and Congressman Lawrence Smith headed a caravan of
Republican candidates and supporters who visited Evansville Monday morning for a half hour.  Republican
candidates for county offices accompanied the group.  Local Republican women served coffee and
doughnuts to the caravan at the meeting room in the Union Mutual building before the caravan headed on
for the rest of a day-long swing through the county.  Kohler spoke briefly to a small crowd gathered at the
Main and Madison street corner, pointing out the record made by the party in providing the state with clean
50 Years Ago (1964):  Rev. Cyril A. Jandrey, Brunsville, Iowa, has accepted a call as pastor of the Brooklyn
and Cooksville churches to be here Dec. 1.  Rev. Jandrey and his wife and two children will live in Brooklyn.

40 Years Ago (1974):   Roger Berg, Bill Krumwiede, Greg Helgesen and Chris Heimerl traveled in the east
recently, visiting New York, Gettysburg, and the Football Hall of Fame at Canton, Ohio.  Mr. Heimerl
continued on to Boston where he is now employed for Varco-Pruden.

30 Years Ago (1984):  Tuesday is the day for every citizen to make their voice heard through the ballot.  
Besides a chance to select people for national state and county offices there is also a local issue.  There are
no local positions on the ballot but there is a referendum.  The referendum if passed will provide free
recreation to anyone under the age of 18 who resides in the Evansville School District, if $10,000 is raised
through donations or contributions.  A no vote on the referendum will keep the recreation program as it has
been in the past.

20 Years Ago (1994):  State Assembly candidate Chris Eager took time last Thursday to do some
campaigning at Stoughton Trailers in Evansville.  With the Nov. 8 election fast approaching, Eager estimated
that he has met close to 10,000 voters at their homes and workplaces in recent months.

10 years ago (2004): 1,682 students are enrolled in the Evansville School District for 2004-5.  The figures
are very close to the figures estimated in the 20-year enrollment projections compiled by District
Administrator Heidi Carvin and former School Board President Dennis Hughes.  A slight variance in the
estimation, not as many kindergarten age students started school in the 2004-5 school year as expected,
offset by the unexpected increase of students in the middle school.  Carvin stated there typically hasn’t been
much growth after the 3rd Friday, but that she can’t help but think of all the new houses near completion in
Evansville that may bring growth during the upcoming school year.