In Review
First Week of June 1872-2002

140 Years Ago (1872):  Evansville seems to have had an influx of sporting gentlemen, of late.  Several spirited
horses are in training for the course.  If Main street is to be used for a trotting park, wouldn’t it be well to have the
boulders cleared away?  A blooded nag may stumble, and then the village will be into a heavy expense.

130 Years Ago (1882):  We are in receipt of a postal mailed at Prairie du Sac, Wis., announcing the marriage of Mr.
Henry F. Danks, of Rutland, Dane county, and Miss May E. Richardson, of Union, by Rev. J. B. Gridley, May 27.  

120 Years Ago (1892):  Mr. O. F. Collins reports that Mrs. Geo. Howard’s fine residence at Magnolia corners, with
most of its contents, burned to the ground  about 8 o’clock last Saturday morning.  It is thought that the fire
originated in a defective flue and the cause of the defective flue is supposed to be the hard wind of a few weeks
since.  But little of the furniture was saved.  It was the largest and best residence at the corners and it is not only a
great loss to Mrs. Howard but to the whole village as well.  

110 Years Ago (1902):  D. B. Lovejoy has erected a tent upon the lot he recently purchased of Mr. Hungerford and
with his wife will spend the camping season this summer in it.  Why not camp out at home where you can have all the
home conveniences, instead of going miles away and suffering many inconveniences as well as mosquitoes and
lake flies?

100 Years Ago (1912): A little gathering of about 15 were enjoying a stag party near Halstead’s ice house Sunday
afternoon.  Witnesses disagree concerning the nature of the game, but it wasn’t authors we are told.  Someone
turned in a still alarm to the city fathers.  Three of these officials started out to investigate.  They made the mistake
of not keeping under cover a little more, but as it was, the surprise was fairly successful.  A number of sprinting
records were broken, one man even casting a shoe in his haste to take himself hence.  Another pulled his hat down
over his face to avoid being recognized and ran into a tree.

90 Years Ago (1922):  The Review is informed that the bonds recently issued by the City for the building of the Lake
Leota Dam have been all sold out to home people without any advertising, and that a much larger valuation of the
bonds could have been floated without any difficulty.  All there is now to do before the work is commenced on the
lake will be for the council to advertise for bids on the work.  One of the first things to be done will be the taking out
of the bottom of the old lake, the mud and silt deposit which in the years that have passed has become splendid top
soil.  This will be given to all Evansville residents who apply, free for the hauling, thus giving our people a chance to
get low places in their lawns, gardens, etc., built up for the cost of hauling.  It is thought that the contracts will be let
and that the work will be commenced about July 1st, and will be completed or nearly completed by the time it freezes
in the fall, unless the work is held back at the last by the railroad company not having their share of the work done,
which consists of rip-rapping the sides of the railroad fill.

80 Years Ago (1932):  The Pleasant Prairie school of which Mrs. June Ramsey is teacher, closed with a picnic last
Friday.  Butt’s corner school, Miss Beth Miller teacher, will close with a picnic at Vilas Park, Madison on Thursday.  

70 Years Ago (1942):  Fermented Malt Beverage licenses were granted to Julius F. Jensen, 6-8 East Main Street;
Burr C. Jones, 14 East Main Street; Floyd A. Schroeder, 5 East Main Street;  and Warren Reese, 9 East Main
Street.  Class “A” Intoxicating Liquor Licenses were granted to Brown Drug Company, William E. Brown, manager, 21
West Main Street; Floyd M. Nesbit, 4 East Main Street; William G. Groh, 24 East Main Street; and Robert L. Collins,
1 East Main Street;

60 Years Ago (1952):  Leonard Thomas Meehan, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Meehan, Brooklyn, enlisted in the U. S.
Navy for a term of four years last week Wednesday.  He is taking his recruit training at Great Lakes.

50 Years Ago (1962):  Miss Janice Marie Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Miller, Rte. 1, was married to
Eugene R. Johnston, Stoughton, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Johnston, Eau Claire, at 8 p.m. Saturday in the
Methodist Church.  The Rev. John Walker officiated.  Barbara Miller served as maid of honor.  Bette Miller was
bridesmaid.  James Brown was best man, while Edward Johnston, Eau Claire, was groomsman.  Ushers were Donald
Miller, Evansville and George Green, Stoughton.  

40 Years Ago (1972):  Kenneth P. Reese, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Reese, graduated May 27th at Hilton Coliseum,
Iowa State University at Ames, Iowa.  He received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.  He was selected by the
Honors and Awards Committee to receive the Orris P. Idsvoog award and the Merck Manual Award.  He will be
working at the University Clinic.

30 Years Ago (1982):  The commencement exercises for the Class of 1982 of Evansville High School will be held
June 6, 1982.  George Wollinger, President of the Class of 1982 will give the welcome.   Other class officers are Vice
President, David Manke; Secretary, Judy Schaefges; and Treasurer, Robert Gibbs.  J. Peter Shaw, Guidance
Director and LaVerne Hoffman, Principal will present Honor Awards.  High Honor students are Susan Brunsell,
Valedictorian; Peter Steinhoff, Salutatorian; and Cindy Gilbertson, Kathryn Jeans, Patricia Meredith and Susan

20 Years Ago (1992):  Construction is now underway on Hwy. 14, at the north edge of Evansville for a five-unit
apartment building.  The location is on the west side of the road, next to the Squeaky Clean Car Wash.  Greg
Helgesen and Roger Berg are building the units to be named Leota Park Apartments.  Plans are to be open by
October 1.  

10 years ago (2002):  J. C. McKenna Principal, Vincent Maloney, officially retires the last day of school, after 26
rewarding years.  Prior to becoming the principal in Evansville, he taught in neighboring Edgerton for nine years.

In Review
Second Week of June 1872-2002

140 Years Ago (1872):  Mr. Levi Leonard and wife, who were absent some four weeks, visiting at Victor, Iowa,
returned Saturday.  Their daughter, Mrs. Humphrey, returned with them.  Mr. Leonard thinks, under all
circumstance, he prefers Wisconsin to any portion of Iowa, he has yet seen.

130 Years Ago (1882):  The High School students who graduate at this term are, Geo. Brink, Wilbur Tupper, Ed
Dwight, Frank Hills and Sylvia Tupper.

120 Years Ago (1892):  The State Convention of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union convened in Madison
on Tuesday, June 7.  Several sisters went from Evansville and several banners also.  Mrs. Vie H. Campbell, of
Evansville, was elected president of the state’s W.C.T.U.  Mrs. Amy Kellogg Morse, the retiring president expects to
leave the state.  

110 Years Ago (1902):  On Wednesday evening, June 4, 1902, a company of relatives and intimate friends to the
number of forty, gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newman, of Cooksville to witness the marriage of their
eldest daughter Bessie to Edwin F. Savage.  The bride and groom, preceded by their attendants, Miss Louise
Newman and Mr. Verne Winston and little Edna Newman and Stanley Gillies, who strewed roses in their path, took
their places under a prettily decorated archway where they were united in marriage by Rev. Wallace Short, of

100 Years Ago (1912):  Eight Evansville students graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madeline Antes,
Adelaide Evans, Hazel Emery, Leila Miller, Paul & Spencer Pullen, Gordon Beebe and Walter Pflaum.  Leonard
Eager graduated from Racine College.

90 Years Ago (1922):  At its regular meeting last Tuesday evening the City Council drafted a resolution for the
paving of East Main street, to conform with the regulations of the State Highway Commission which require that the
street of a town that joins onto a state Highway just be paved.  It is likely that the balance of Highway No. 10, part of
which is being built this year from Janesville, will be completed next year, so it will be necessary to have this street
paved or the work on the highway will not be commenced until it is.  Of what material the street will be paved has not
yet been decided.  Brick paving is so expensive that it is probable that either cement, or Bitholitic paving will be

80 Years Ago (1932):  William Bewick and Wilbur Patterson were awarded first class scout badges and Robert
Gleason a second class badge at the regular meeting of the Evansville Boy Scout troop held last Thursday night on
the city hall lawn.  Tenderfoot badges were presented to Robert Allen, La Verne Helgesen, Norman Bone, Robert
Hubbard, Albert Gibbs, and Howard Woodworth.  

70 Years Ago (1942):  Evansville friends of LeRoy Loomis, who was formerly employed on a farm west of the city,
have received word that he is missing in the Philippine Islands.  Mr. Loomis enlisted in February 1941 and landed in
the Philippines in April.  He was transported on the boat with William Schuster and Ralph Knappenberger of this city.  

60 Years Ago (1952):  Bernard Kovars has arrived from Portage and has assumed managership of the Kroger
store.  He had taken manager’s training in Portage.  Prior to that time he had managed meat departments of Kroger
stores in Boscobel, Platteville and Dodgeville.  He has been with the company for the past seven years.  Mr. Kovars
has a wife and daughter, and the family will move to Evansville as soon as living quarters can be obtained.

50 Years Ago (1962):  Judy Bunde, 17, was named as a Wisconsin senator to Girls’ Nation to be held at the
American University in Washington D. C. July 27.  Judy was selected from 11 nominees by 448 delegates attending
Badger Girls’ State on the University of Wisconsin campus.  Representatives from 50 states will study operation of
the federal government.

40 Years Ago (1972):  Miss Carol Wilna Maas and Gene David Prudhon were married at 2 p.m., Sunday, June 11.  
The ceremony was performed by the Rev. John Walker, former Evansville pastor, in the United Methodist Church.  
Kay Saillard was the maid of honor.  George Prudhon was best man.  Mrs. John Wyse was the organist.  Mrs.
Prudhon is a 1972 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of music and Mr. Prudhon is a third year student
at the Illinois College of Optometry.  They are residing on County C.

30 Years Ago (1982):  Running the 800m in 1:57:11, Jeff Deininger beat back the competition to take the state
championship last Saturday at the W.I.A.A. State Meet held in Madison.  Ron Gibbs made it through the 100 in his
heat in the trials for 7th place in the state.  Paul Flood came in 10th in the state in the shot put.  Laurie Rabideau
became the first girl track runner from Evansville to win a state championship.  She was the Class B State 300 low
hurdles champion.  The official time was set at 45.40 establishing a new class B record and the third best time in the
state meet.

20 Years Ago (1992):  The Evansville High School Golf  Team recently completed the most successful season in the
team’s history by winning the Rock Valley Conference Golf Championship and for the first time ever appearing in the
State Sectional tournament.  Members of the team are Mike Leeder, Brian Olsen, Matt Brown, Mike Harnack, Justin
Zhe, Pat Dwyer, Dan Rutter, Don Franklin, Quentin Johnson, Ryan Schneeberger and Ethan Willoughby.  The team
was coached by Gary Grossman.

10 years ago (2002):  This past week was moving day at the soon to be former EHS to the still under construction
new EHS.  A multitude of students, staff and assorted others rolled up their sleeves and lifted, sorted, packed,
moved this way and that way, piled here and there, bags, boxes, chairs, tables and of course desks, and desks, and
more desks.  14 U-Haul trucks were used to accomplish this feat.  Trip after trip, from front to back and back again
until all was done.  A fine lunch was served for all to enjoy.

In Review
Third Week of June 1872-2002

140 Years Ago (1872):  Mr. Nichols is doing a fine job on his mill this time.  He has widened and deepened the race
the whole distance from the mill to the pond, removed the old unsightly mounds and rubbish of the original race, and
made smooth, clean work.  The race will extend into the mill, carrying the whole body of water just where it is needed
to operate his machinery.  He has torn out the machinery, water wheels and all, deepened the wheel pit, and will put
in a solid frame work, adding strength and durability it has never possessed before.  A large gang of workmen are
engaged both on the carpenter work and excavation.  He will expend at least three thousand dollars.  

130 Years Ago (1882):  John S. Mason, of Rutland, died on Sunday night and was buried Wednesday.  Mr. Mason
was an old citizen of that town having removed with his parents from Vermont and settling in Rutland when but a
mere boy.

120 Years Ago (1892):  The Seminary commencement called out hardly the usual attendance.  Ample seating was
provided on the campus but the morning rain and damp ground drove the people into the Assembly hall where the
exercises were held and the program carried out in a manner provided for the occasion.  The graduates were Alva
W. Cook, Orville J. Greene, Harvey Knapp, Fletcher Knapp, Charles Moore, Katie Miller.

110 Years Ago (1902):  Rural Route No. 3 will go into operation July 1st.  It will supply patrons by way of Union,
Cooksville, east through town of Porter to the E. D. Barnard farm, thence to Evansville, on the Janesville road.  
There will be three general collection boxes, one at Union, at Chas. Sperry’s corner and at E. D. Barnard’s corner.  
Wm. C. Pflaum will be the carrier.  The mail boxes should all be placed on posts five feet from the ground and in
such a position that the driver can drive up to them and deposit the mail from his wagon.

100 Years Ago (1912): Mr. Frank Frost has completed the required work and been awarded the degree of master of
Mechanical Engineering by the University of Wisconsin.  Mr. Frost already held the degree of Bachelor of Science
from the University.  As manager of the Frost Engine Company, Evansville, Frank Frost leaves next week for
Milwaukee to be present at the exhibition of gasoline engines to be held in that city.  Mr. Frost will exhibit the
“Hustler” engine.

90 Years Ago (1922):  Manager Helgesen of the local base ball team this week circulated a paper to get the
necessary financial backing of $250 to pay the entrance fee of our local team into the Southern Wisconsin Base Ball
Association.  The appeal met with a hearty response from the business men, and as soon as the formalities are
complied with the schedule of games will be published for the season.  The towns in the Association are Whitewater,
Fort Atkinson, Edgerton, Hebron, Cambridge, and Evansville.

80 Years Ago (1932):  Carpenters are at work this week remodeling the building formerly occupied by the
Automotive Electric shop on North Madison street into a modern gasoline and service station to be operated by
Frank Brigham.  Mr. Brigham plans to provide motorists with all night service and will handle the Cities Service
products.  A new cement floor is being laid in the building.  Clifford Keylock, who has been operating the Automotive
Electric shop there, has accepted a position with the Fosdick electric company of Madison.  [Note:  This building was
at 10 North Madison Street.  It was razed and is now a parking lot behind the UB&T.]

70 Years Ago (1942):  John Gardner Babcock, 97, Evansville’s last Civil War veteran, died at 12:30 a.m. Monday at
his farm home three miles south of the city.  Military burial services were conducted at the West Magnolia cemetery
by the members of the Evansville American Legion.  He served with Company D of the 13th Wisconsin regiment.  He
served his country as a soldier until he was mustered out at Nashville, Tenn., November 19, 1864.  While in the army
it was the work of the regiment to move about the devastated areas of the South, rebuild bridges and repair roads
and railroads, much of which was accomplished under gunfire.

60 Years Ago (1952):  Mr. and Mrs. William Allen, Mill street, observed their 49th wedding anniversary Monday. Mrs.
Allen was formerly Miss Elsie Moore.  The couple was married here in the home of the bride’s parents, the late Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Moore, on June 23, 1903 and have spent the greater part of their married life in Evansville and
vicinity.  They farmed for several years and later Mr. Allen worked as a painter.  They have two sons, Alton and
Robert, both of Evansville, three grandchildren and one great grandchild.

50 Years Ago (1962):  Charles Crocker, E. Union Road, was high bidder, with a price of $4,250 on the Union School
when it was auctioned Thursday evening.  Allen Koenemann was runner-up in the bidding.  Crocker is not sure what
he will do with the school but may convert it into a residence.

40 Years Ago (1972):  Baker Manufacturing Company has donated Eagle bookends to be sold on July 4th at the
park.  The bookends will be sold to raise funds for the Upstream Project which is part of the project to restore Lake
Leota.  The bookends will be sold for $5 a pair at the Jaycee Beer Tent on July 4th.   The Lake Leota Improvement
Fund Upstream Project needs money as the Department of Natural Resources determined that stopping erosion on
the upstream above Lake Leota was necessary before any deepening of the lake could be successful.  It was
estimated to cost $12,000 to improve the first miles of the upstream on Allen’s Creek to stabilize the banks and halt

30 Years Ago (1982):  For about the past 18 years, Mike and Lois Finnane have hosted the family picnic in the
famed Finnane woods on the second Sunday in June.  This year on June 13, family members came from Racine,
Janesville, Burlington, Madison, Milwaukee and Glen Ellyn, Ill.  Seventy-five children, grandchildren, great-
grandchildren and parents enjoyed the afternoon together.  Mike was one of eleven children and when his father
died the family farm, that had for many years been the site of the St Paul Catholic Church Irish Picnic, was sold in
two sections.  Eighteen years ago, Lois and Mike Finnane were able to buy back the 2 ¾ acres of woods on Highway
14 just north of Evansville, known as Finnane woods were the reunion is held.  

20 Years Ago (1992):  The Donald E. Larson family is ready to greet visitors to the farm on Hwy. 59, south of
Evansville for the Rock Co. Dairy breakfast.  There will be a petting zoo and crafts fair, too.  

10 years ago (2002):  Baker Manufacturing Company is pleased to announce that Annmarie Marinier, Angela Olsen
and Carrie Schulz are the recipients of the 2002 Baker Scholarship Awards.  Annmarie is a graduated of Janesville
Parker High School and attends UW-Whitewater.  This is the second year Annmarie has received a Baker
scholarship.  Angela is a graduate of Evansville High School and will attend UW-LaCrosse.  Carrie was awarded a
Baker scholarship for the third consecutive year.  She is a graduate of Evansville High School and will graduate from
UW-Whitewater in May 2003.  

In Review
Fourth Week of June 1872-2002

140 Years Ago (1872):  It is proposed to publish an atlas of Rock County by Messrs. Evarts, Baskin & Stewart, if a
sufficient encouragement will be given.  The atlas embraces a map of the entire state.  There is a sectional map of
each town in the county, including its villages and cities, together with views of private residences and public
buildings.  Every man’s farm, the section or part of sections on which he resides, the railroads and water courses
are accurately drawn.  Mr. L. W. Mead has commenced to canvas the town of Union for an atlas to be gotten up for
Rock County.  The atlas will be sold wholly by subscription, and the publication will not commence until twelve
hundred names are obtained.  The cost is ten dollars.  

130 Years Ago (1882):  A very neatly gotten up missive received Friday p.m. reads, “Chas. L. Burnham, May
McCoy, married Thursday, June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and eighty two, Evansville, Wisconsin.  
Residence, Edgerton, Wisconsin

120 Years Ago (1892):  Brink and Royer have completed the mason work on A. C. Thorp’s new building.  They say
that it has been the longest job for a short one that they ever done, the wet weather having delayed them at least
two-thirds of the time. [Note:  this is the south half of the building now used as Pete’s Inn at 14 North Madison
Street.  Thorpe filled the first floor with farm machinery and the second floor was occupied by the International Order
of Good Templars, I. O. G. T. lodge.]

110 Years Ago (1902):  Mr. Lew Fellows, residing about seven miles east on the Janesville road, is having his barn
reshingled, it required 30,000 shingles and Chester Morgan and Burr Libby are doing the work.  They have just
completed the rebuilding of a farm residence in the town of Center for Messrs. Fisher and Gillies.

100 Years Ago (1912): Resolution passed on June 27, 1912 by the City Council.  All sprinkling on streets will be
done by the City and the cost to be assessed against the lot owners at a uniform rate per square yard.  Oil will be
used.  George Acheson will drive the sprinkler and oil will be purchased by the City.  

90 Years Ago (1922):  The oiling of the streets caused considerable front on the part of housewives as it does track
in pretty bad, but think of the vast good accomplished by doing away with the dust.  Evansville oils the streets three
times a year and the town is always free from dust.

80 Years Ago (1932):  Plans are underway for the remodeling of the Evansville Buick garage by George Huebner
into a modern movie house which will be known as the New Rex theater under the management of Arthur Hallam.  
The house will be equipped with the Western Electric sound system and will have a seating capacity of
approximately 250.  The seats will be upholstered spring seats placed to insure the maximum comfort of the
occupants.  Other modern features will be two rest rooms, a thoroughly modern cooling and indirect lighting system,
uniformed attendants, and a microphone which will be used for both stage announcements and the reception of
outside programs.  A flashing electric sign will be installed at the entrance.  [Note:  this building was at 26 West Main

70 Years Ago (1942):  Three Evansville baseball players who are playing this year on the local team in the eastern
section of the Wisconsin Home Talent Baseball league have been named on the all-star team of the league.  Bernie
Golz is an all-star third baseman, Kenneth Allen, short stop, and Dick Elmer, outfielder.  

60 Years Ago (1952):  Bob Madding, Evansville high school basketball and baseball coach for two years, will take a
one-year leave of absence to finish his enlistment in the United States Navy. Madding has been ordered to report
July 1st in  Washington, D. C. Madding is a veteran of World War II; he served as a radioman.  He was in the Navy
38 months and saw action in the Pacific.  Bob is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, and has coached
championship teams in both basketball and baseball at Evansville high school during his two years.  Madding is
married and has a one month old daughter.

50 Years Ago (1962):  Margaret Mary Capron became the bride of Gordon Wayne Brigham Saturday in the First
Congregational Church.  Mr. and Mrs. I. Donald Capron and Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Brigham are their parents.  Sally
Capron was her sister’s maid of honor and bridesmaid was Betsy Dye.  Flower girl was Susan Leavitt and ring
bearer, Bruce Towns.  Ronald Brigham was best man.  Richard Towns was groomsman.  Ushers were Robert Apfel,
James Grenawalt and William Green.  Mr. and Mrs. Brigham are on a two weeks honeymoon to the Northwest,
including a visit to the Seattle World’s Fair.

40 Years Ago (1972):  The Home Talent Baseball team won their 10th game of the year Sunday.  They beat
Hollandale for the second time this year.  Steve Fahrney and Stan Zweifel were the Evansville heroes.  Zweifel
blasted a leadoff triple in the bottom of the 13th inning and Fahrney followed with a towering fly ball to deep center
scoring Zweifel with the winning run.  Larry Amidon got his 6th win of the year, pitching 5 innings of shutout ball.  The
Evansville team now has a record of 10 wins and only 1 loss.

30 Years Ago (1982):  Ensign William Robert Harvey graduated from the Naval Education training Center in
Newport, Rhode Island on June 4, 1982.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Harvey and sister and brother-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Calkins (Mary), from Loves Park, Ill., attended the ceremonies.  This summer, Harvey will be in Norfolk,
Vir. working with ROTC candidates from universities all over the U. S.   In September, he will return to school in
Newport for further studies.  He is a 1973 Evansville High School graduate.

20 Years Ago (1992):  Mamiko Shono, an Evansville AFS student 24 years ago, returned to Evansville Monday,
June 15 to spend a week with Dr. Gene and Carol Prudhon and family.
  Dr. Shono is a dermatologist in Tokyo.  
When Mamiko was an AFS student in Evansville she stayed with the Glenn Maas family, Carol’s parents.  

10 years ago (2002):  Lending a hand at the official ribbon cutting for the Ecumenical Care Closet on South Madison
Street are Father Eric Nielsen, Pastor Mike White, Pastor Larry Treece, Ramona Bader, Barbara Dorsey, Carline
Coleman, Rose Milz, Sarah Stoughton, Beatrice Keehn, Julie Hermanson, Louise Case, Sharon Hubbard, Dorothy
McElroy and Scott Rassbach.