In Review
First Week of December 1872-2002

140 Years Ago (1872):  It was objected to Dr. Evans being elected to the legislature that we should be without
a practicing physician, Smith, who’d also be absent in New York, but this is not likely to be the case.  Dr.
Winston has moved into town and taken office with ‘Squire’ Reynolds.  Law and physic will be carefully
compounded to suit all.  And Mr. Griswold is carrying the pill bags with good success.  Dr. Beebe is on hand
with little pills and offers relief to crooked eyes.  So it will be seen that we are about as well provided with
doctors as we are with republican candidates for the legislature.

130 Years Ago (1882):  Thanksgiving services were poorly attended, other matters seemed to engross the
attention of the worshipers more than the Governor’s proclamation.  The Charity committee reported they
had expended $13 for relief of indigence and want, and had dispensed charity in numerous cases where only
temporary relief was wanted.

120 Years Ago (1892):   The first paving ever done in this city is now being put in the basement of the new
Village Hall by Commissioner Austin, it is being made of cedar blocks.

110 Years Ago (1902):  Little Robert Hubbard, 13 years of age, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Hubbard, made his
mother a present of a $45 sewing machine from his own personal earnings.  If all boys were as thoughtful of
their mother as this there would be less crime in this world.  Boys, think of your mother when tempted to do
wrong, which is all that is necessary to keep you right.

100 Years Ago (1912):  A very interesting program was rendered yesterday afternoon in the high school
building.  The afternoon’s topic was “Immigrants.”  Interesting papers on their nationality, inspection at Ellis
Island, etc. were given by Miss Fannie Gabriel, Mabel Hyne, Alice Holden and Letty Fursett.  

90 Years Ago (1922): Yesterday afternoon, when freight No. 593 was doing some switching here, Howard
Edwards, driving one of the Wall Coal Co. trucks, was hit by a car which had been thrown off by the engine.  
Mr. Edwards was waiting for the engine to get out of the way and in watching the engine he failed to see the
car which had been thrown onto a siding in making the flying switch and although the watchman was holding
up the stop signal, he thought it was for the engine which had just passed and that the way was clear.  Just
as his truck went onto the switch, the car which had been switched off struck it and threw it to one side, taking
off one front wheel, but not injuring the driver.  

80 Years Ago (1932):  Miss Elizabeth Howard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Howard, Evansville, and a
member of the Magnolia 4-H club was chosen as the champion individual home economic judge at the
National 4-H club congress being held in Chicago in conjunction with the International Livestock exposition.  
Prominent in 4-H club activities, Elizabeth was recently selected as Rock county’s most outstanding home
economics girl.  

70 Years Ago (1942):  The firm belief that Howard Milbrandt, marine, is safe after having been reported
missing early in September, was confirmed last Saturday night when his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Milbrandt,
received a telegram from the war department informing them of his safety.  Several letters have been
received here from the young marine dated after his missing report was received.  In one letter he attempted
to tell his parents something of his whereabouts during the time that he was not with the group, but the
censor had removed the information.

60 Years Ago (1952):  Pat Finnane, outstanding Evansville athlete and football player, was chosen by
coaches in the Badger Conference for the first defensive All-Conference team as a back and on the second
team for offense.  Finnane is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Finnane, Sr.  He is a senior in Evansville high
school and was captain of the football squad this season.  Pat, who is also a letterman in basketball, suffered
a broken hand in the Milton grid game, and so far this season has not been able to join the squad.

50 Years Ago (1962):   The Christmas lights are on in Evansville beckoning all the area to join the holiday
shopping on Main Street.  Merchants all up and down the street have decked the store windows in the gayest
holiday array for the enjoyment of all.  Jolly Santas, trees and blinking lights create a Christmas fantasy to
delight young and old.  Starting Monday night Dec. 10, the stores will remain open each night until 9 p.m. for
your convenience.  Each Saturday, the Rex Theatre is running a kiddie show starting at 2 p.m.  Take
advantage of this opportunity to shop while the young ones enjoy a movie.

40 Years Ago (1972):  Richard Luers, Chief of Police of Evansville, this week announced that his department
has elected to charter with Exploring Boy Scouts of American, guiding perhaps two dozen area young people
interested in a career in law enforcement.  The local programming will familiarize students with all areas of
their chosen field.  Area police departments now using this program include, Edgerton, Delavan, Sun Prairie,
and Milwaukee.    

30 Years Ago (1982):  Evansville firemen rushed to the scene of the accident last Monday involving a truck
and a train at the East Main street railroad crossing.  Extensive damage was done to the truck and also some
of the railroad’s property.  The 11 a.m. Chicago and Northwestern freight train, heading south across the
tracks in Evansville struck a gravel truck owned by Brodhead Grain.  The driver of the truck, Henry Bunts, Jr.,
19, of Orfordville, came out of the accident with only minor injuries.  Brake failure on the truck apparently
caused the mishap.

20 Years Ago (1992):  About two hundred homes in Evansville are getting new addresses.  Janet Sperry,
Financial Director of the Evansville Water and Light Department said a majority of the changes were made to
homes that had out-of-sequence home numbers near North Madison street and between Fourth and Fifth
streets.  The change was prompted in part because Evansville is growing and the number inconsistencies
needed to be corrected and because the street addresses should conform to the new county-wide grid
system of property numbering.

10 years ago (2002):  The Evansville High School Cheerleading Squad has two male teammates Cody
Marenes and Trevor Hazlett.  According to Coach Shelly Meredith there has not been a male member on the
EHS Cheer squad since 1969 when Randy Krause was on.  Other members of the squad are Nicole
Cauthorn, Barb Searles, Jamie Jakes, Ariel Helt, Kristel Petersen, Crystal Storkson, and Tamara Hurst.

In Review
Second Week of December 1872-2002

140 Years Ago (1872):  The Methodist Church at Magnolia Corners will be dedicated Wednesday, December
18th 1872.  Services by Rev. E. D. Huntley, of Court St. church, Janesville.  An invitation is extended to the
ministerial fraternity, generally, and all else besides.

130 Years Ago (1882):  Ray Gilman put a new cutter into his stable last week from a recent purchase at
Kalamazoo, Mich.  Snashall and Mygatt have one or two new ones in stock in their store.  Never mind the
thaw, we shall have snow to use them yet, or there is no hope in signs.

120 Years Ago (1892):   The shingling of the new Village Hall is about completed.  It has been a hard,
disagreeable job during the stormy weather.  The snow and cold weather has driven the carpenters off the
town hall.  The windows came last week and a little work has been done in the middle of the day, towards
putting them in.  Work will be continued as the weather permits, during the winter.  The boys are working to
get their fire apparatus into safer and warmer quarters.

110 Years Ago (1902):  Mr. Arthur Cain, of Magnolia, and Miss Jennie Sperry were married at the bride’s
home near Milton, Thursday, Nov. 27th, 1902.  They have a host of friends in this city who wish them a life of
pleasure and prosperity.

100 Years Ago (1912):  Saturday evening, Mrs. Elsie Finn Preston of Juda, Wis., entertained about twenty
young ladies at the home of her mother, Mrs. Robert Finn of this city, at a miscellaneous shower in honor of
Miss Ida Ross whose marriage to Roy Lewis is announced.  The guest of honor was the recipient of many
pretty and useful articles and the young ladies spent a very enjoyable evening.

90 Years Ago (1922): A deal was closed this week whereby George Fisher sold his mill property to Mr. Bewick
of Antigo and Mr. Cummings, of Wausau, who will take over the property and business the first of the year.  
Both these gentlemen are experienced feed men and doubtless will run the mill as successfully as has Mr.
Fisher, during the last six year.  Mr. Fisher is not certain what he will do after he goes out of business, the
first of the year.

80 Years Ago (1932):  An outbreak of measles in the first grade has prompted Miss Mary Stam, school and
city nurse, to appeal to Evansville parents to keep their children away from public gatherings as much as
possible.  A total of 22 pupils in the first grade along are confined to their homes with the disease, and nearly
30 are quarantined throughout the city.  

70 Years Ago (1942):  Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Scoville received a message Monday from the adjutant general’s
office of the war department indicating that their son, Lieut. LeRoy Scoville, is a prisoner of the Japanese on
the Philippine Island.  Lieut. Scoville was a member of the 192 Tank battalion and was stationed on the
Islands when Bataan fell.  It is believed that Mr. and Mrs. Scoville are the only Evansville parents to receive a
message.  Other local men on the Islands are Herbert Durner, Robert Hubbard, Kenneth Hatlevig and Robert
Kubly.  The latter’s mother now resides in Baraboo.  William Schuster and Ralph Knappenberger, also local
youths, were on Corregidor.

60 Years Ago (1952):  Balloting by the audience of the Little Theatre play, “The Torch Bearers,” last
Thursday and Friday nights resulted in the choice of Mrs. Clyde (Win) Fisher as the 1952 Snow Ball queen.  
Mrs. Fisher’s sponsoring organization was the Woman’s Relief Corps.  Mrs. John Wyse and Mrs. Leon
Patterson, Jr., runners up in the balloting, will be the queen’s court of honor and with their husbands, be the
first couple following the queen in the grand march at Evansville’s traditional Christmas Dance to be held on
Dec. 27, Saturday in Everill’s Roller Rink.

50 Years Ago (1962):   The Junior Class of Evansville High School will present their annual Class Play
Thursday December 13 and Saturday Dec. 15 in the Grade School auditorium.  “Arsenic and Old Lace”, a
play of mystery and humor, casts the following, Ron Hyne, Lewis Scott, Chet DesRochers, Jenny Amidon, Pat
Reese, Jim Pea, George Prudhon, Brad Beal, Gary Peterson, Alan Ellis, and John Ehle.  Tickets to either of
the performances may be purchased at the door.  Mrs. Frances Bogus, school librarian and drama coach is
directing the play.

40 Years Ago (1972):  A part of Evansville will be brightening many Christmases in Alaska this season.  A full
semi load of Christmas trees, from the Schoen Pinery, owned by the Dr. Karl Schoenenberger family here in
Evansville, left Evansville last week for their destination in Alaska, near Anchorage.  The 4,500 mile trip will
take 6 days.

30 Years Ago (1982):  Don Olsen retired from the fire department after 26 years of service.  He was
presented with a plaque that has all the names of his fellow fire fighters inscribed on it and a framed copy of a
resolution from the Common Council for his years of service.  

20 Years Ago (1992):  On Saturday night, Dec. 19, the Evansville High School gym will be transformed into a
Renaissance setting when the music students put on a Madrigal Dinner with 22 singers, a woodwind quartet,
a brass choir and Margaret Brigham playing a harp solo as well as a violin and harp duet with band director,
Robert Schneider.  

10 years ago (2002):  Dr. Gary Albrecht told the Evansville School Board that the number of home-schooled
students has started to decline in the last few years.  In 2001, there were 53 students in the Evansville School
District who were home schooled.  This year the number has dropped to 40.

In Review
Third Week of December 1872-2002

140 Years Ago (1872):  Willie Wheeler, who has been employed considerable time as compositor at this
office, started about three weeks since for Denver, Colorado, but not finding employment as he expected,
returned Sunday morning.  He says business is good but there are a great many young men who would be
glad to work for their board during the winter.  The West is filled with adventurers, and few started out with
money sufficient to keep them, where board is $8 per week, till the season opens again.

130 Years Ago (1882):  While Mrs. T. F. Shurrum was about her washing Monday morning, her little two-year-
old boy, standing near, unnoticed, thrust his hands into the cogs of the wringer, she was using, cutting one of
this tiny fingers clean off save a small shred of skin by which the doctor was in hopes to save the
dismembered finger.

120 Years Ago (1892):   Married on Wednesday evening, Dec. 7, 1892, at the F. W. Baptist parsonage by
Rev. Geo. E. Moore, Mr. Wm. Weary and Miss Mina Allen, both of this city.  We wish them a pleasant,
prosperous journey together through life.

110 Years Ago (1902):  Word has been received from Quincy Ames that he has been promoted from the
position of property clerk in the Coast Guard and Transportation, salary $1,400 per annum, to the position of
Chief Property Clerk, in the same Bureau, salary, $1,800 per annum to take effect Nov. 15th 1902.  Mr. Ames
has enjoyed excellent health since he has been in Manila.

100 Years Ago (1912):  Mrs. Mariah Chase celebrated her eighty-second birthday Monday at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. C. C. Broughton.  All of her children were present at a birthday dinner served at noon.  
Besides Mr. and Mrs. Broughton, there were present Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Walton, Mrs. Clyde McCoy of Pittsville and the great grandchildren, Harriet
Andrews and Calvert Cain.  It was also the sixteenth birthday of the latter.

90 Years Ago (1922): Quite a number of the sheep feeders shipped their flocks after a short feed last
Friday.  Those who shipped were Hagen & Green, two loads; W. G. Patterson and Walter Bigelow, two loads;
Leo Campbell, one load; Frank Croak, one load and Charles Boode, one load.  These sheep were bought on
the western ranges at 10 cents per pound and sold last week in Chicago at $15.25 per hundred.  The gain
made on the sheep was all the way from 10 to 30 pounds per head, the W. G. Patterson flock making the 30-
pound gain.

80 Years Ago (1932):  With the completion of the pouring of concrete and the installation of the interior piping
and equipment, Evansville’s new iron removal plant, now under construction is expected to be thrown into
operation with the next month, supplying local consumers with the purest water, iron free.  The building and
plant which is being erected and installed at a cost of approximately $18,000 is being financed entirely by the
earnings of the Water and Light commission which have been accumulating for the past several years.  

70 Years Ago (1942):  Charles A. Maas of this locality has been chosen as one of a selected group of
farmers in the United States to be honored by Allied Mills, Inc. manufacturers of Wayne Feeds, for
distinguished service in the production of food for victory.  As a result the local farmer will participate in a
special broadcast “Victory Farmers on Parade” to be heard over station WLS, Chicago.  Mr. Maas will be
interviewed over the radio and will be presented with a “Victory Farmer” plaque in recognition of outstanding
results in food production.  This is one of a series of programs to inform people of the United States of the
importance of food production in the winning of the war, and to pay tribute to the American farmers who are
doing a particularly fine job in helping attain the production goals established by the U. S. Department of

60 Years Ago (1952):  Evansville came no closer to achieving space desperately needed for more
classrooms at the school meeting Tuesday night, but about 40 people present left the meeting with a good
picture of the problems the school board faces.  Superintendant John McKenna madea clear and detailed
explanation of the classroom shortage problem, and discussed the proposed six-room grade school building
that would solve the present shortage.  

50 Years Ago (1962):   Mrs. Winnifred Fisher and Mr. Clarence Franklin exchanged wedding vows on
Wednesday morning, Dec. 19 at 9 a.m.  Rev. Eldon Riggs officiated at the ceremony.  Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Gibbs of Evansville served as the attendants and Mrs. Norman Bone sang “The Lord’s Prayer” accompanied
by Mrs. C. W. Hazlett.  Mr. and Mrs. Franklin left for a trip to Florida following the ceremony and will be at
home at 456 W. Main Street in Evansville about February 1.  

40 Years Ago (1972):  Anthony Wyse is the new owner of the Sunoco Station on South Madison Street.  He
recently purchased the business and equipment from Lloyd Severson, the former operator, and leased the
building from the Sunoco Co.  

30 Years Ago (1982):  Action taken Tuesday night of last week by the City Council will give this city its second
woman mayor.  Pamela Wilson, 34, was appointed mayor effective April 6, 1983, to fill the one-year remaining
on Mayor Robert Olsen’s term.  Olsen gave the council notice earlier this month that he would resign as of
that date, one day after the election, and soon enough to make the appointment.  Olsen was appointed in
1975 upon the death of Mrs. Ida Conroy, Evansville’s first lady mayor.

20 Years Ago (1992):  As the Christmas season approaches more decorations and outdoor lights are seen.  
Last year, numerous complaints of vandalism were reported to police.  Culprits cut electric cords, stole and
broke decorative light bulbs, and in general caused a lot of grief.  This year the Police Chief DiPiazza is
asking everyone to pitch in and work together by keeping an eye out for problems, and reporting suspicious

10 years ago (2002):  The board of Education is pleased to announce that Dr. Suzanne Hotter will serve as
Interim District Administrator, and Krista Jones will serve as Interim Deputy District Administrator, for the
second half of the 2002-2003 school year.  Dr. Hotter and Mrs. Jones will direct the operations of the District
while the Board searches for a permanent replacement for the department District Administrator, Dr. Gary
Albrecht, who will become the Administrator of CESA #2.

In Review
Fourth Week of December 1872-2002

140 Years Ago (1872):  Public Installation services of Evansville Lodge, Master Masons, also the Chapter of
Royal Arch Masons, will take place at the hall of the former, on Friday evening, December 27, commencing at
half past seven o’clock.  Installation services will be conducted by J. M. Evans of the Chapter.  Immediately
after installation the members of both Lodges and invited guests will repair to the Spencer house and partake
of an oyster supper, duly sandwiched with turkey, etc.  At a regular meeting of the Evansville Lodge Master
Masons held Dec. 16th the following were elected officers for the ensuing year:  Matthew Bargewell, W.M.; J.
R. Whitney, S.W.; C. B. Morse, J.W.; N. Winston, Treasurer and E. Blakely, Sec.  

130 Years Ago (1882):  A nice social time was had at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Z. C. Moore’s in W.
Magnolia, on Wednesday evening, Dec. 20th, on the occasion of the marriage of their daughter, Phila, to
Harry A. Blakeley, Rev. H. Faville officiating, and who made the happy couple one.  After which the guests (a
goodly number notwithstanding the unfavorable weather) sat down to a well filled table, to which all did ample
justice.  After supper, relatives and friends enjoyed a good, social time until nearly midnight, when they
departed with many good wishes for the welfare of the bride and groom.  The presents were numerous and
well selected, among which might be seen a tea set, a glass set, set of silver knives and forks, silver butter
knife, a camp chair, some very nice toilet articles and case, table linen, napkin rings, one volume of Dicken’s
and set of teaspoons.

120 Years Ago (1892):   W. W. Garfield and Joshua Frantz have just completed a nice farm house for Geo.
Howard, of Magnolia, to replace the one burned early in the season.  Maj. Hanover and Charley Powles did
the painting.  Mr. Howard moved into it Christmas day, and feels pleased to think every appointment about it
is done so nicely.

110 Years Ago (1902):  Mr. J. F. Leaf, the shoe dealer, took his departure Sunday morning, and all search
for him since has proven fruitless.  Saturday evening he paid Mr. Thos. Day, his employee in his repairing
department, and told him that he thought he should go to Janesville, Sunday morning, and from there to
Rockford on the new electric line and there attend church.  He also told his wife the same in substance.  Mr.
A. C. Gray has been placed in charge of his store until further developments.  Mr. Gray informs us that no
book accounts of his business can be found since Oct. 1st.  There are mysteries surrounding the situation
that cannot be explained.  He leaves a wife and several small children, who are very much concerned over
the affair.

100 Years Ago (1912):  Married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Van Patten, Miss
Bernice to Clarence N. Hall, also of this city, at 8:00 o’clock, Christmas night in the presence of over sixty
relatives and friends.  Mrs. Rev. C. H. Meyers played the wedding march after which Miss Ruth Meyers sang,
“O Promise Me” and the couple took their place beneath a large arch of ferns, white chrysanthemums and
from which was hung a huge white wedding bell.  The remainder of the house was also decorated with ferns,
smilax and white chrysanthemums.  The couple was unattended.  Rev. C. H. Meyers of Free Baptist church
officiated.  The couple left for a brief honeymoon after which they will reside on the S. S. Purington farm three
fourths miles east of town.

90 Years Ago (1922): The marriage of Mr. Orville Devlin and Miss Clara M. Rasmussen occurred at the home
of the bride’s mother, Mrs. Martin Rasmussen, Wednesday, Dec. 20.  The Rev. A. W. Stephens, of the
Baptist church, of this city, performing the ceremony.  The ring bearer was Little Arleen Parks.  The groom
was attended by Mr. Lawrence Janes, Miss Alma Rasmussen, a sister of the bride, performing the same
service for the bride.  The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Devlin, of this city, where he is known and
respected by a large circle of friends.  Miss Rasmussen is a teacher in the Green county schools and a large
number of her teacher friends were present at the wedding.

80 Years Ago (1932):  Announcement has just been made of the marriage of Miss Margaret Janice McKinney
to Francis E. Cook which ceremony was performed Oct. 18 in Belvidere, Ill., by the Rev. Freeborn Brooks.  
The bride, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. O. McKinney, 22 Jackson street, attended the Evansville high school
after which she was employed with the Freeman Shoe company in Beloit.  The groom, a son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Cook, Maple street, is employed with the Baker-Smith Hardware company here.  Mr. and Mrs. Cook
have a wide circle of Evansville friends who extend their congratulations wishing them much happiness and
prosperity in their married life.

70 Years Ago (1942):  John Antes, Robert Brunsell, Frank Clark, and the Misses Angela Bewick, Marian
Steffen and Roberta Collins, students in the university; Albert Holmes, Beloit college; Lois Weary, Beaver
Dam college; Ruth Williams, Milton college; Judd Pearsall, Jack McKenna and the Misses Joyce Montgomery
and Emily Richards, Whitewater; Joyce Bone, Greenville, Ill.; Joyce Chadbourne, Minneapolis; and Tom
Green, University of Virginia, are among local college students who are spending their Christmas vacations
here with their parents.

60 Years Ago (1952):  Evansville will be well represented at the Rose Bowl game between the University of
Wisconsin Badgers and Southern California on New Year’s day at Pasadena, California.  At the last count,
people who will see the game include:  Mr. and Mrs. Orville Devlin, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Janes, Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. May, Don Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Krebs, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Templeton, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Combs, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hubbard.

50 Years Ago (1962):   The Redlins, Vi and George, have taken over at East Side Grocery after making the
transition to Evansville from their home in Grand Rapids, Mich.  But to the Redlins, this is like coming back
home as they have a number of relatives in the community.  Mr. Redlin is a son of the former Julius Redlin of
Evansville.  There were two sisters; the late Lillian Estes and the late Mrs. Ernest Post.  His brother, Oscar,
who formerly lived in Evansville and worked at Baker Manufacturing Company has accompanied them here
and will help in the operation of the grocery store.  The Redlins are related to six area families; the Ronald
Hatlevigs, the Ralph Brzezinskis, the Robert Davis’, the Richard Golz’, the Harold Kopplins of Janesville and
the Larry Hesgards of Milton.  

40 Years Ago (1972):  St. John’s Lutheran Church, Evansville, provided the setting for the wedding ceremony
on Dec. 23, in which Miss Ruby Kay Morrison became the bride of Mr. William Kincaid Davis.  Their vows were
repeated before the Rev. O. G. Espeland in the 7 p.m. candelight service.  The parents of the bridal couple
are Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Morrison, Evansville, and Brigadier and Mrs. William C. Davis, Beloit.  

30 Years Ago (1982):  Local records show that the Evansville area has had four snowfalls out of our
predicted 29 for the 1982-83 winter.  The rain Christmas Eve removed any snow left from the snowfall of Dec.
19.  This circumstance leaves Evansville with 25 more snowfalls this season.  Looks like it will be a poor
winter for building snowmen and skiing and an easy winter for shovelers and drivers.

20 Years Ago (1992): Several blocks of the Historic District in Evansville along East and West Main street will
have reproduction historic light poles and globes.  Chris Eager, chairman of the joint project of the Evansville
historic Preservation Commission and The Grove Society have arranged for donations for the lights.  Twenty
two are yet to be put in place.  

10 years ago (2002):  Monday December 16th was an evening of festive melodies and song when the EHS
Music Department combined the choirs and the bands to bring a Christmas concert.