In Review
First Week of August 1874-2004

140 Years Ago (1874):  Mr. J. Osborn has shown us some specimens of his tanning.  It consisted of several skins
of the buck and doe, tanned expressly for his glove and mitten business.  They are fine specimens of work, both
in finish and softness, as we have ever seen.  He does not go into the business extensively, only working to order;
but succeeds in putting up some of the finest gloves and mittens to be found in the market.

130 Years Ago (1884):  Heavy gravel trains are raising the low track on the marsh and elsewhere on the line
putting it in shape for fall business and the increased traffic on the line.

120 Years Ago (1894):  Mr. Dan McCarty’s household goods and H. Fellows & Son, carriage and machinery were
quite seriously damaged by the falling of the second floor of the building occupied by Fellows and Son.

110 Years Ago (1904):  John Baker has his new residence up and ready for the roofers.  Tile roofing will be used
which is something new for this locality.  [Note John Baker’s house is at 111 West Main Street.]

100 Years Ago (1914):  Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hubbard who returned from a brief wedding trip Monday evening were
very pleasantly serenaded by the members of the local band Tuesday evening at their home.  Mr. and Mrs.
Hubbard invited the “serenaders” in.  Light refreshments were served and the evening was very pleasantly spent.  
Mr. Burr Tolles with a few timely remarks presented the couple with a dozen silver knives and forks, in behalf of
the band, the gifts being gracefully acknowledged.  Needless to say all had a good time.

90 Years Ago (1924):  The Evansville Commercial Club, last Monday evening gave a banquet at the Catholic
Church parlors in honor of Rev. W. P. McDermott.  These gentlemen expressed the highest terms their
appreciation of Rev. McDermott and the work he had accomplished along civic lines for Evansville and the work
he had done the past year for the Rock county fair, as its president.  Rev. Dwyer, who takes up the work here as
pastor of St. Paul’s Catholic church in place of Rev. McDermott was introduced at the meeting and in a pleasant
talk impressed those present that Father Mack’s mantle had fallen upon able shoulders.

80 Years Ago (1934):  The FERA crew at the fair grounds is now leveling the baseball diamond and gridiron
which, when completed will represent one of the best baseball and football fields in this section of the state.  The
diamond and gridiron have been placed directly in front of the grandstand which can hereafter be used by
spectators and thereby increase the receipts at the various sporting events.  Other improvements to be made at
the fair grounds include the building of a new kittenball diamond which may be illuminated by the lighting system
now installed at the park, tennis courts, and perhaps an airport.

70 Years Ago (1944):  The Tank Company Auxiliary will meet Monday, August 7, at the home of Mrs. Ray
Hubbard; Mrs. Sever Hatlevig, co-hostess.  The club has a sewing project which they work on every Monday
evening.  Many lap robes for wheel chairs have been made of yarn salvaged from discarded knit garments and
sample women squares.  These are sent to Veteran Hospitals.  Its members are mothers, wives, sisters and
sweethearts of the boys who left Janesville to join the 192nd Tank Battalion to fight in the Philippine Islands.  The
following local boys were members:  Herbie Durner, Ed Trebs, Kenneth Hatlevig, LeRoy Scoville, Robert Kubly,
Robert Hubbard.  They are all prisoners of war of the Japanese.  

60 Years Ago (1954):  Evansville’s newest industry, the Pruden Manufacturing Co., began production here last
week after moving into its new quarters at the old canning factory the week of July 15th.  The firm, which
manufactures poultry feeders and waterers, hog feeders, and ventilating and drying fans, had been operating
during the last four years in Fort Atkinson.  The reason for the moving, according to Clark Prudhon, president of
the company, was the need for more space.  Additional space of a suitable nature was not available in Fort

50 Years Ago (1964):  Pruden Products has contracted to purchased 3 ¾ acres from Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Shoemaker.  The property lies 422 feet east of lots bordering the east side of Cherry Street.  The south border is
330 feet north of Walker Street.  The plot is separated from the present Pruden plant by Allen Creek and some
city of Evansville land.  Plans to develop the area are not firm at this time.  Mr. Prudhon, president, reports
however that current business is burdening the present plant.  The area being purchased from Shoemaker
equals the present property in size.

40 Years Ago (1974):  Larry Olson was at the Green County Fair held last week in Monroe.  Olson had the
Reserve Champion Male; the Reserve Champion Female and won the Open Class Herdsmanship Award for the
second year.  Jake and Jim Schoenenberger showed the first and second place Angus cows.  Review Farms of
Evansville won grand Champion Female Hereford and Reserve Champion.  Stan Gildner showed the prize winning
summer yearling and Dan Gildner showed the Reserve champion junior yearling.  

30 Years Ago (1984):  A flat-bed truck carrying an oversize tank on Hwy 14 between the Evansville Review and
Harvard Corp, caught on an electric wire and broke it loose Friday, August 3.  The truck driver was ticketed by
Rock County Sheriff’s Department for being on the wrong road.  The wire was a hot wire and the power had to be
shut down for repairs.  

20 Years Ago (1994):  Jim Kopecky, owner of the Piggly Wiggly Sotre in Evansville has announced his plans to
break ground this fall for an addition and expansion to the present building, located on Hy. 213 south of
Evansville.  Kopecky will be adding upwards of 7,000 sq. ft. as he expands to the east, toward Hy. 213.  He
anticipates this building will be done by the end of January.  Then a move will be made into the new building, while
the existing building undergoes a drastic renovation.  “Overall when finished we’ll have 22,000 square feet,
hopefully everything will be complete by next Easter,” he states.

10 years ago (2004): This year’s Rock Co. Fair 4-H Royalty Coronation was extra special with both the King and
Queen hailing from Evansville.  King, Andrew Magee is a member of the Magnolia 4-H and Queen Jessica Karis is
a member of Evansville 4-H.  

In Review
Second Week of August 1874-2004

140 Years Ago (1874):  We understand that Prof. Bradley does not accept the professorship of the Seminary, as
was proffered him by the board of Trustees at their late meeting, to continue for one year.  Without knowing the
cause for such decision, we can only express our regrets that such is the case.  The idea was practically
advanced that there would be no fall term, although not definitely decided upon.  Had Bradley accepted the
school for another year, the fall term would have opened at the usual time; but no one is in view who will take the
school now.  The opening is favorable to someone, and as this is the most favorable season of the year, it could
be made highly remunerative, and a fair prospect of continuance looked upon.

130 Years Ago (1884):  A large number of Italians have been caboosing in freight cars at the lower end of the
west switch some time, who are leveling up the track on the marsh south of here.

120 Years Ago (1894):  An old soldier by the name of Anderson was found near the railroad coal shed Saturday
laying in the shade of a tree sick with chills and fever.  He was taken to the village lockup where he was properly
cared for by Marshal Brink and Dr. Stevens until he recovered sufficiently to take his departure Monday morning.

110 Years Ago (1904):  Friday of last week, Aug. 5th was the 55th anniversary of the wedding of Hon. And Mrs. L.
T. Pullen and it was celebrated with a spirit and success that rarely marks a social event in Evansville.  It was a
gathering of “the old families” with a sprinkling of the second and third generations, but was particularly noticeable
for the presence of the fathers and mothers themselves.  It was a meeting of friends who forty years go were the
prime movers in all the activities of the then little village of Evansville.  The affair took the shape of a lawn fete and
occupied the lawn of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Richmond, at the old Pullen home, where they had lived for some forty
years prior to their removal to Des Moines, Ia.

100 Years Ago (1914):  Henry Bowen of Milwaukee, who was sent here by the Milwaukee Concrete Machinery
company to run the cement mixer which is being used on the paving job here, narrowly escaped death or serious
injury early Tuesday morning, when the loose leg of his overalls became caught in the gearing.  But for prompt
action the part of one of his fellow workman, he would have been drawn into the machinery.  As it was, he
escaped with a sprained ankle.

90 Years Ago (1924):  As a result of the contest which covered two public demonstrations held during the
Janesville fair, a team to represent the Rock County Acre of Corn club at the state fair was selected.  The
members of this team are Lloyd Hubbard, Jr. and Edwin Babler, of Evansville, and Herman Buehl, Janesville.  This
team will give a demonstration at the state fair, showing the proper method of selecting and curing of seed corn.  
The Rock County Acre of Corn club has stood first in the state for three years in succession, but has not been
represented at the state fair with a demonstration team for four years.

80 Years Ago (1934):  The Evansville Christian Science society has opened to the public a reading room at its
new church located at 263 West Main street.  The room, located on the first floor of the church, is open daily
except Sundays and holidays from 2:30 to 5 p.m. with members of the church serving as librarians.

70 Years Ago (1944):  In continuing his investigation on a city betterment project in the post-war period, Mayor
Ben T. Green has appointed a committee to work on a temporary organization program.  The group is comprised
of L. P. Eager, P. D. Pearsall, H. F. Brunsell, Archie Templeton, Bernie Christensen, the Rev. C. W. Bloedow and
Mrs. Ray Hubbard, with Mayor Green acting as chairman.

60 Years Ago (1954):  During the past ten years approximately fifty new residences have been constructed in
Evansville.  There has been a definite concentration of these new homes in the northwest section of the city.  In
the Clifton and Tait additions twenty-six new houses have been built in the last ten years.  The other two centers
of new construction have been on Longfield Street, where sixteen houses were built and on East Main Street,
where nine new homes have been erected.  It is probable that most of the new homes built in the future will be
located north of Main Street and west of Madison Street.  

50 Years Ago (1964):  According to merchants and businessmen up and down Main Street, last Friday’s Maxwell
Street Day was the most successful ever held here.  From early in the morning until late in the evening the street
was filled with people most of whom were there, not only to look for bargains, but to purchase them.  The
shoppers were amazed at the outstanding bargains they found on all the tables and furthermore took advantage
of them.  

40 Years Ago (1974):  Evansville has gained an ardent golfer as well as a high school principal in Michael David
Wizardi who was chosen by the Evansville District School Board and District Superintendent George M. Knuckles
as Evansville High School principal.  Wizardi comes to Evansville from Greendale, a suburb of Milwaukee.  He has
been serving as assistant principal of Greenfield High School, which has an enrollment of 1,650 students and a
teaching staff of 85.  

30 Years Ago (1984):  The shoppers came all day long last Saturday, to Evansville’s annual city-wide community
sale.  It was a hot sunny day, but weather did not deter the bargain hunters.  Many merchants report sales were
very good and garage sales were well attended.

20 Years Ago (1994):  Last Saturday evening, following the annual Community wide Sidewalk Sale Day, the
Kopeckys hosted a Customer Appreciation event at the Piggly Wiggly Store.  Some 600 were served burgers,
brats, chips, watermelon, potato salad, beans, cookies and pop.  Jim Kopecky displayed the plans for the
expansion of the Piggly Wiggly store at the present location on S. Madison.  Plans show expansion to the south of
the present store, with parking for 120 cars.  Work will begin on the project November 1.  

10 years ago (2004): On Sunday, August 1, over 120 people attended a Rasmussen family reunion at Lake Leota
Park in Evansville.  Attending from six states were the children and extended families of the late Arthur
Rasmussen, Clara Rasmussen Devlin, Alma Rasmussen Janes and Ellen Rasmussen Brunsell.  A great time was
had by all with lots of good food, games and conversation.  

In Review
Third Week of August 1874-2004

140 Years Ago (1874):  The Sick:  Daniel Doolittle has been confined to his house for several weeks from fever,
but is improving and will be about soon.  Mr. Wm. Lovejoy has been sick all the season, but so as to be about
most of the time.  His complaint is softening of the liver.  His appearance is some better but nothing reliable.  

130 Years Ago (1884):  A family of Germans bound for Bismarck, Dakota, passed through this county last
Wednesday.  The family consisted of husband, wife, and three children, the latter aged respectively nine, seven
and four years, and they had walked every step of the way from New York city, which place they left on the 28th of
May.  Their clothing and cooking utensils were loaded into a two wheeled car, which was drawn by hand.  The
husband served in the late war, and now proposes to take a soldier’s claim to a portion of Dakota.  The family was
in good spirits and anticipated a reward for their weary march when they reached their destination.

120 Years Ago (1894):  Forty men at work at what is known as the “slow bridge” on the cut off, scattered in all
directions Friday as three cars loaded with stone came tearing down amongst them on the side track, caused by
the breaking of a cable, with which they were being hauled.

110 Years Ago (1904):  Harlow Bullock, while working at bridge building about four miles north east of this city,
met with a very serious accident as the 500 pound hammer fell upon his hand.  He was brought to town
immediately and soon Dr. Colony was doing what he could for him.  It is hoped that the injuries will not prove as
serious as was at first feared.

100 Years Ago (1914):  A little excitement was caused here Wednesday evening when revolver shots were heard
from the direction of the depot, but it was only Chief of Police Broughton firing into the air for the purpose of
frightening a bunch of hobos, sixteen in all, who were displaying intentions of alighting from the 6:30 passenger.  
They changed their minds, however, and continued southeast in search of a warmer welcome.

90 Years Ago (1924):  Park Notes:  Forty-two cars of tourists were in camp Saturday night and Sunday.  Five cars
from Chicago enroute to Northern Wisconsin were one party who stopped for dinner Sunday.  Iowa and Indiana
tourist are coming into Wisconsin in large numbers.  It is certainly a pleasure to meet the tourists and the fine
equipment some of them carry is worth seeing.

80 Years Ago (1934):  Frank W. West, this city, has announced his candidacy for the democratic nomination for
sheriff of Rock County.  Mr. West has had considerable experience as a law enforcement officer serving as
deputy sheriff for four years under the Chamberlin and Fessenden administrations.  Mr. West began his police
career about 16 years ago when he was appointed deputy sheriff by Dell Chamberlin, who was at that time
serving as county sheriff.  He later accepted a position as traffic officer here in Evansville and a few years
afterward was appointed chief of police.  During the administration of the late Jed Fessenden, Mr. West was
appointed one of the two night deputies in the county.  With the assistance of his brother officer, he raided some
twenty road houses of the very lowest type in a period of less than two years.  Mr. West obtained first hand
information leading to the solving of the well-known Bleasdale murder case.

70 Years Ago (1944):  According to a report submitted by Robert Kleinsmith, junior leader of the Evansville 4-H
club garden project, all gardens are in good condition, considering the unfavorable dry weather prevailing in this
locality.  The leader also stated that four gardens are outstanding and deserve special mention.  They include
those of Howard Severson, James Thornton, Alma Dunbar and Lois Klusmeyer.  The group is composed of 14
members including Jackie Leeder, Hazel Warner, Billy Reese, Richard Brunsell, Betty Warner, Lilas Dunbar,
LaVena Tronnes, Richard Barnard, Chris Jorgensen, Robert Kleinsmith, Howard Severson, James Thornton, Alma
Dunbar and Lois Klusmeyer.  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dunbar are senior leaders in the garden project.

60 Years Ago (1954):  After more than 17 years of service to Evansville as postmaster, Roy Reckord announced
today that he is retiring.  He has submitted his resignation to the post office department, but the date on which it
will take effect has not been definitely determined.  Reckord was appointed postmaster of Evansville in 1937 by
the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  

50 Years Ago (1964):   Workmen are busily engaged in completing the new elementary school on S. Third Street
these days.  The roof is being applied and when windows are installed the building will be secured.  The
structures on top of the building will contain all of the ventilating units for the classrooms.  Eight of the classrooms
are scheduled for occupancy on Monday, Aug. 31, the first day of school in Evansville.

40 Years Ago (1974):  Members of the Class of 1924 recalled 50 years at their reunion.  Those attending were
Jean Smith Baird, Carol Murphy Bly, Gladys Gibbs Larson, Charlotte Morrison Rasmussen, Lillian Rasmussen
Wood, Stanley H. Gibson, Laura Earlywine Bowers, Gladys Blunt Jones, Theo Pierce Jones, Malcolm V. Allen,
Alice Knapp Knopp, Winfield Porter, Florence Reese Sarow, Louis Reese, Earl Waller and Charles Maas.

30 Years Ago (1984):   Class of 1929:  They graduated before the crash in 1929, so they all remembered getting
jobs.  They went to the old high school now gone.  The First Street School was built about this time and Baker
Mfg. allowed their men to work one day a week on the new school.  Attending the reunion were Mary Kelly Huseth,
Selma Kloften Hanson, Elsie Huseth Murphy, Ardis Holden Brigham, Janet Weber Bruhn, Isabel Olsen Kloften,
Ellen Norum Patterson, Robert E. Turner and Gen Reynolds Maxwell.  

20 Years Ago (1994):  Rev. Thomas C. Lourim, pastor of St. Paul Catholic Church in Evansville from 1977 to
1988, passed away on Sunday, August 7, 1994 at his home in Beloit.  He was ordained a priest by Bishop William
P. O’Connor at St. Raphael Cathedral on May 28, 1948.  

10 years ago (2004):  At the August 9th Finance and Labor Relations Committee Regular meeting, a motion was
made by Cothard, seconded by Aikman to recommend to Council the appointment of John Willoughby as Chief
Election Inspector and Carol Culbertson as Alternate Chief Elections Inspector.  

In Review
Fourth Week of August 1874-2004

140 Years Ago (1874):  Nearly all of our people know where Mr. Courtney is located in the tonsorial business.  
The past week he has been getting out a price list of his work and which may be seen framed, suspending from
the ceiling of his shop:  Shaving and hair cut, 25 cents; shaving 10 cents; shampooing 25 cents; coloring whiskers
25 cents.

130 Years Ago (1884):  MARRIED.  At the Free Baptist parsonage, August 26, 1884, by the Rev. A. J. Marshall,
Mr. Frank W. Doolittle and Miss Ella M. York, both of Magnolia.

120 Years Ago (1894):  About a dozen young people of this town went on the excursion to Devils Lake.  They all
enjoyed the trip very much, but some thought that it would be well on such occasions to attach a stock car to the
train, so that those who will pollute the air with whiskey, tobacco and profane language, can be placed by the
conductor in quarters where they will not spoil the pleasure of the balance of the party.

110 Years Ago (1904):  The Baker Military Band, of thirty-two pieces, attended the band tournament at Monticello,
Thursday.  The boys returned with thirty dollars, having won the twenty dollar prize for the band having the largest
number in regular uniform and one-half of the prize for the band coming the greatest distance, the latter prize
being divided between the Monroe and Evansville bands.  J. H. Johnson of this city was elected treasurer.  
Monroe will have the tournament next year.

100 Years Ago (1914):  A special room in the north end of the second floor of the old grade building is being fitted
especially for a home economics room.  New zinc covered desks and tables have been installed, and all the most
modern and up to date apparatus will be found here when the work is completed.  This portion of the school work
will be under the direction of Miss Annette Maxwell of Galesville, who is commended as a very capable and
successful teacher.

90 Years Ago (1924):  On Saturday afternoon, Aug 23rd, a quiet little wedding took place at the Baptist
parsonage in Chicago, when Miss Ida Tomlin, daughter of Mrs. Estella Tomlin of this city became the bride of
Charles L. Conroy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Conroy of Muskegon, Michigan.  Miss Madge Tomlin, sister of the
bride and Robert Weir, Chicago attended them.  The bride is a graduate of the Whitewater Normal and has taught
for three years in the commercial department of the Manitowoc schools.  Mr. Conroy is a graduate of the
University of Michigan and is an instructor at Manitowoc.  

80 Years Ago (1934):  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Turner, newly weds, were guests of honor at a miscellaneous shower
given Monday night in the Butts’ Corners school, four miles north of the city by the Butts’ Corners Community
club.  Some 60 guests were in attendance.  The feature of the evening’s entertainment was a mock wedding
followed by dancing music which was furnished by Vernie Kreuger, accordionist.  The little Peach sisters,
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Peach, presented the gifts to the honored couple.  The social evening closed with

70 Years Ago (1944):  1944 students make diverse future plans.  Nine of the youths are either in the armed
forces now or expect to enter the ranks at an early date.  In the group are Melvin Allen, Gordon Lawry and Jack
Record in the army; Wallace Johnson and Ralph McKenna, army trainees; Jack Heffel in the A.S.T.P. program;
Richard Scott and Harold Zwickey in the navy and Robert Graves, who expects to enter the navy in a few months.  

60 Years Ago (1954):  Final negotiations were completed Monday morning between Evansville high school
principal, J. C. McKenna and Frank Prchal who is now officially the head coach of the Blue Devil football squad.  
Prchal, who had been assistant football coach last year, was suggested several weeks ago as the man to replace
Dave Demichei who left his teaching-coaching position at the school early this summer to accept a position with a
central Wisconsin paper company.

50 Years Ago (1964):   The Wisconsin Telephone Company has announced tentative plans to bring dial service
to Evansville during late 1965.  The first phase of the project expected to be started soon, will be the construction
of a dial central office building.  It will cover a ground area of 62 x 56 feet and will be located on the northwest
corner of Madison Street and Montgomery Court.

40 Years Ago (1974):   Si Chapin, proprietor of Chapins Market in Evansville, turns the first spade of dirt on the
land at the south edge of Evansville where the new Chapins Market will be built.  Work has begun now with a
completion date of November in mind.  The market will be on a 3 ½ acre tract of land and the building will be 120
ft. x 70 ft.  There will be accommodations for at least 40 cars to park. One of the big features of the building will be
the heat reclaiming system with heating produced through cooling compressors.  Mayor Ida T. Conroy was on
hand for the ceremony last Thursday afternoon.

30 Years Ago (1984):  Dana and Doug Spooner attended the State Fair in West Allis August 6th through the 12th
receiving various awards and ribbons.  Doug received a 2nd and 4th on his Angus heifer and 5th in Angus
showmanship.  He also showed an Angus Steer.  Dana showed a Limousin heifer in the Junior Show Division for a
5th place.  She showed both Angus and short horned steers.  

20 Years Ago (1994):  Stacy L. Crull, Vice President of the Wisconsin FFA Association was one of the state FFA
officers who attended the 27th Annual FFA State Presidents’ Conference in the nation’s capital.  More than 100
young men and women gathered in July in Washington DC for a training and learning experience that included
Congressional visits, discussions of important agricultural and education issues with national leaders and visits to
major sights around the area.  The state officers came from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico
and the Virgin Islands.  

10 years ago (2004): August 8th was a beautiful Sunday and a good crowd turned out at the Harlin Miller farm,
west of Evansville, to watch about 30 people and their antique tractors show that the old machines could still do
their stuff.  Thirteen classes were available to the entrants and some tractors were entered in more than one
class.  The tractors pulled the weight sled a total of 67 times which kept the judges busy all afternoon.  A lunch
stand on the grounds added to the enjoyment of the event.